We are still in the process of undertaking the research and as such the majority of the publications are in progress or under review. We will update this page as our work becomes available.

In addition to the research on the Aging Playfully project, the members of the research team have completed several projects related to the themes of the Aging Playfully project. Following the publications from this project is a selection of the research team’s relevant publications on aging, health, and planning and design. For a full list of publications, see team member profiles.

Journal Articles

Hartt, M. (2023) Expanding the Playful City: Planning for Older Adult Play, Cities.

Hartt, M., Lee, C. & Empey-Salisbury, M. (2023) Planning for Play? A Systematic Literature Review, Journal of Planning Literature.

Vincent, E., Hartt, M., Fung, G. & Smith, L. (2022) Good Planning or Good Intentions? An Age-Friendly Plan Evaluation of Victoria, Canada, Canadian Planning and Policy, 2022 (1): 1-19 [open access].

Conference Presentations

Gryfe, M. & M. Hartt. (2023) Play in Paradise: Examining Older Adult Play Spaces in Florida, USA, Ontario Professional Planners Institute Conference, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Empey-Salisbury, M. & M. Hartt. (2022) Too Old for Risky Play? A Conceptual Framework for Later Life Risky Play, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Empey-Salisbury, M. & Hartt, M. (2022) Aging Playfully: An Examination of Practitioner Perceptions of Play in Victoria, British Columbia, Ontario Professional Planners Institute & Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Conference, London, ON, Canada.

Hartt, M. (2022) Planning Connected Urban Environments, Planning for Play, Canadian Human Connection Conference [virtual].

Vincent, E. & M. Hartt. (2022) Aging Playfully: Play as a Planning Intervention to Support Older Adult Wellbeing, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Vincent, E. & M. Hartt. (2022) Playing & Place: Older Adult Perceptions of Playful Environments in Victoria, BC, Canadian Institute of Planners Planning Together Symposium [virtual].

Vincent, E. & Hartt, M. (2022) Beyond Access: The Potential of Playful Spaces for Optimizing Older Adult Wellbeing, Ontario Professional Planners Institute & Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Conference, London, ON, Canada.

Vincent, E., Hartt, M., Fung, G., & Smith, L. (2022) Age-Friendly Plan Evaluation of Victoria, Canada: A Need to Go Beyond Recognition, American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting [virtual].

Other Relevant Publications


How well do the places where we live support the wellbeing of older adults?

Bringing together academic research, practitioner reflections and personal narratives from older adults across Canada, this cutting-edge text provides a rare spotlight on the local implications of aging in Canadian cities and communities. It explores employment, housing, transportation, cultural safety, health, planning and more, to provide a wide-ranging and comprehensive discussion of how to build supportive communities for Canadians of all ages.

Find out more information here.

Select Peer-Reviewed Publications

Biglieri, S. (2021) The Right to (Re)Shape the City: Examining the Accessibility of a Public Engagement Tool for People Living With Dementia. Journal of the American Planning Association, 87 (3): 311-325.

Biglieri, S. (2018) Implementing Dementia-Friendly Land Use Planning: An Evaluation of Current Literature and Financial Implications for Greenfield Development in Suburban Canada, external link. Planning Practice & Research, 33(3), 264-290.

Channer, N.S., Hartt, M. & Biglieri, S. (2020) Aging-in-place and the spatial distribution of older adult vulnerability in Canada. Applied Geography.

Chen, X. & Hartt, M. (2021) Planning for an Older and Digital Future: Opportunities and Challenges of Age-Friendly E-Participation in China. Planning Theory & Practice, 22 (2): 191-210.

Hartt, M. (2020) COVID-19: A Lonely Pandemic. Cities & Health, Special Issue: COVID-19.

Hartt, M., Benbow, L & Gordon, D.L.A. (2023) Is the Garden Village an Age-Friendly Planning Model? Experiences of Growing Older in Rhiwbina Garden Village, Wales. Town Planning Review.

Hartt, M. & Biglieri, S. (2018) Prepared for the silver-tsunami? An examination of municipal old-age dependency and age-friendly policy in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Urban Affairs, 40 (5): 625-638.

Hartt, M., DeVerteuil, G. & Potts, R. (2022) Age-Unfriendly by Design: Built Environment and Social Infrastructure Deficits in Greater Melbourne. Journal of the American Planning Association.

Hartt, M., Webb, B. & White, J.T. (2021) Nested Aging: Lifecycles in the Vertical City. Plan Canada, 61 (2): 32-36.

Khan, M., McGeown, S. & Bell, S. (2020) Can an outdoor learning environment improve children’s academic attainment? A quasi-experimental mixed methods study in Bangladesh. Environment and Behavior, 52 (10): 1079-1104.

Khan, M., Bell, S., McGeown, S. & Silveirinha de Oliveira, E. (2020) Designing an outdoor learning environment for and with a primary school community: a case study in Bangladesh. Landscape Research, 45 (1): 95-110.